Katherine Newman Design is a multi-disciplinary firm combining the services of architecture, interior design and decorating, landscape design and construction project management. The firm consists of architects, interior designers, project managers and support staff. Over its 26 year history Katherine Newman Design has established an international reputation as a leading design firm with extensive experience in both the design and construction process. A unique attention to detail and commitment to design integrity is very much rooted in a business model which limits the number of projects taken per year such that the two principles, designer Katherine Newman and architect Peter Cebulak, remain the lead team members for all projects. Over the years the firm's scope has expanded to include large scale projects throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. Katherine Newman Design has been published in the most prestigious international design journals and has been included consecutively among the Architectural Digest's Top 100 Architects and Designers. Completed projects include a 25,000 square foot Ranch in the mountains of British Columbia, a 50,000 square foot French Style residence in Toronto, a 8,000 square foot Shingle Style residence in New Jersey, a 15,000 square foot Mediterranean style residence in Miami, a 10,000 square foot modernist Mediterranean style residence in Nassau, Talisker corporate headquarters in Toronto and Carlton House, a residential building in New York City. Katherine Newman Design is guided by the philosophy that the exterior and interior of a building are intrinsically related and that the design articulated within a space should be entirely in communion with its physical envelope whether this be achieved by continuity or contrast. A strong foundation in this comprehensive approach allows for the development of exterior and interior details to be worked on simultaneously alleviating the inevitable compromise which is often the result of considering interiors well after the exterior envelope has been established.

To ensure that the design intent is fully realized, the construction arm, Katherine Newman Design Project Management has been providing full scale construction management services for the past 22 years. KND Project Management manages the entire construction process related to all residential projects designed by KND and offers various services associated with procurement, fabrication and installation related to commercial projects designed by KND. KND Project Management was created in order to actualize the philosophy that design cannot be properly executed unless the people facilitating the construction process are the same individuals who actually conceived the design. This ensures that the end goal is to realize with accuracy the intended design and enables innovative approaches to the construction process which facilitates complex design projects at reasonable costs. KND Project Management has developed a host of artisans, trades and suppliers worldwide and given the wide geographical range of projects, has developed a methodology of communication and control that makes distance inconsequential to the process.

All projects express the detailed creation of totally customized environments. The interior contents are treated with the same level of meticulous attention to detail and discipline as the exterior and interior envelope. A high level of technical mastery that transfers from architecture to interior decorating offers the same control over the furnishing process whereby bespoke high quality specifications are realized at reasonable costs. The managing of a furniture line, Lona Design, sold to accredited designers in trade showrooms in the United States and Canada, requires by definition that the involved team members become experts in the fabrication of custom furnishing and lighting.

Katherine Newman Design's body of work is diverse reflecting a broad understanding of a range of vernaculars. Rather than attaching to any defined preferred aesthetic, Katherine Newman and Peter Cebulak, see themselves as editors, participating with their clients in helping to create environments that reflect an appropriate vision. This involves a design process which contemplates the limits imposed by structure and budget and the interplay between the function of a space, the envisioned aesthetic defined by the client and the surrounding physical context. Katherine Newman Design’s client base includes a lengthy list of repeat clients, having completed multiple projects for the same clients as well as for various generations of the same families.